Gibka-S is classified as a Very Short-Range Air Defense system (VSHORAD) – a new self-propelled mobile air defence system.

After successful testing, Russia’s Gibka-S air defense complex is completely ready for mass production. Accordingly, the Russian army will have its first Gibka-S Very Short-Range Air Defense system next year. During testing, the Gibka-S proved effective against airborne targets while moving at speeds of up to 30 km/h. Completion of the state trials represents a significant milestone in the commissioning of the system with the Russian armed forces.

Gibka-S is classified as a Very Short-Range Air Defense system (VSHORAD) – a new self-propelled mobile air defence system. The system has the capability to protect deployed and marching units from the threat of low and extremely low flying aircraft during day and night. It is composed of two major components, including a combat vehicle and a commander’s reconnaissance and combat control vehicle.


The Gibka-S light anti-aircraft system is based on the Tiger-M tactical vehicle. The vehicle is designed to carry man-portable air-defence system operators along with missile load and associated equipment. The armoured vehicle is capable of launching Russian-made Igla-S and Verba MANPADS missiles. It can carry four ready-to-launch missiles loaded on the missile launcher and four ready-to-load missiles.

The vehilce can accommodate a crew of four, including two MANPADS anti-aircraft gunners, a commander, and a driver. The combat vehicle also features a missile remote control unit and an electro-optical tracking and targeting system.

New Russian air defense system can engage targets with Verba or Igla-S missiles. The infrared-guided missiles are installed on a turret mounted on the combat vehicle.

The Igla-S missile can strike targets flying at an altitude of up to 3,500m at a speed of 400m/s. It has a maximum target engagement range of up to 6,000m. The missile is fitted with a high-explosive (HE) blast fragmentation warhead with a proximity and impact fuse. The Verba 9М336 has a range and altitude similar to that of the Igla-S missile. Guided by a tri-mode passive homing seeker, the Verba missile carries a HE warhead weighing 2.5kg.


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