The Global Times reported that, if China were to go to war at the present time, the international community would support their opponent and an opportunity for the US to create an alliance to stifle Beijing.


On the afternoon of September 11, 2020, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, Hu Xjin, published an article titled: “China must be militarily and morally ready for a potential war.”

In order to give readers a multi-dimensional perspective, especially from the Chinese side in the context of increasing conflict with both the US and India, we summarize the article.

“China does not want to cause senseless war”?

Although China does not want to go to war, China is having territorial disputes with some neighboring countries under the encouragement of the Americans. These countries believe that Washington’s backing gives them a strategic advantage and overreactively reacts to Beijing.

They also argue that under strategic US pressure, the Chinese will be afraid and unwilling or unable to confront them militarily. Because of that, they wanted to “pull the chestnuts out of the fire”.

The same reason mentioned above has caused tensions in the Taiwan peninsula to increase in recent times and become the risk of pushing mainland China into a forced state of war.

In fact, the less we want war to happen, the closer we are to the dilemma will push us closer to it. Therefore, China must have the courage to calmly enter a war to protect core interests and be willing to bear the cost.

That way, China’s all-round power can be effectively transformed into a strategic deterrent against all forms of provocation.

Paradoxically, every day the rest of the world can feel the will of China, that day we can even avoid war. After all, war is not a natural thing, the side that wants to win will have to fight.

A win usually means two things: First, it means you’ve beaten your opponent on the battlefield and second, it has to be morally justified.

This is especially true for China, because Beijing is not the most powerful power in the world but the Americans.

Despite winning on the battlefield with countries with territorial disputes as well as potential conflicts with the United States, if this victory is contrary to international morality, Washington will head a new military alliance, challenging knowledge of China’s strategic position.

An American carrier warfare group.
An American carrier warfare group.

Five key elements must be achieved before conflict

China is reaching out to be a great power, but this has been rejected by the US and the West because of ideological contradiction.

Countries that have territorial disputes with China are also starting to sympathize with each other. If Beijing decides to go to war, the international community will tend to favor the weaker.

In other words, whether China’s actions are plausible or not, Americans will use their full power to influence public opinion to counteract. So on the brink of a war, Beijing needs to clarify these five key factors:

First, the Chinese have to make it clear that the enemy side is the one that breaks the status quo.

Second, it should be made clear in a relatively complex situation that the other side is the provocator.

Third, China must show the international community that it was making diplomatic or political efforts to deal with pre-war tensions.

Fourth, the first shot should be shot by the other side, not China. The international community needs to be aware of this issue.

Fifth, only in tight situations, if we need to shoot the first shots, we must issue an ultimatum first so that a just war can start with integrity.

If these conditions are met, China can freely enter war even when the US tries to smear China, the international community will understand that Beijing is not the bully of small countries, they have no choice but to war.

Indian border guards
Indian border guards


China must not be impulsive in waging a war. Beijing needs to be fully prepared militarily and morally.

Some may find this unreasonable but need to realize that as the “number two” country, and under pressure from the US, China has to endure certain periods of oppression, as it is the fate of all who is in second place.

In the process of its rise, China needs to maintain humility, patience, and endurance. When dealing with small but opportunistic powers, Beijing cannot use its power to get through this “mess” quickly, but it should deal with tensions slowly.

In other words, China needs to be able to endure such “trials”.

To achieve the moral victory of a war, China also needs to win the war of views alongside kindness.

In terms of external conflict, one of China’s big problems is talking too little and too slowly. Opponents always talk more and more quickly about details of the conflict. Beijing will have to work hard to fix this problem.

China must be a nation that dares to fight. This should be based on both strength and morality. In this way, whether China will fight or not will accumulate the respect of the world so that one day it will be victorious without fighting.


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