The Dutch Navy undergoes a mid-life upgrade program called the Goalkeeper Upkeep.


Among close-range interceptors, Goalkeeper of the Netherlands is considered the most feared close-in weapon system in the world today, it can destroy even the most powerful anti-ship missiles in the world.

The 30mm Goalkeeper system was developed by Thales Nederland, was introduced in 1979 and is in use today. This is a fully automated weapon system for short-range defence of ships against highly manoeuvrable missiles, aircraft and fast-manoeuvering surface vessels. Once activated the system automatically undertakes the entire air defence process from surveillance and detection to destruction, including the selection of the next priority target.



The Goalkeeper system combines individual search and tracking radars, a camera and a 30 mm GAU-8 / A seven-barreled gun, which works according to the Gatling principle and having a rate of 4200 rds/min. All this is mounted in a single installation, including a store for 1,190 armor-piercing submunitions MPDS – Missile-Piercing Discarding-Sabot. The complex is capable of hitting both air and surface targets in high-precision tracking mode, which provides dual-mode (I and K-bands) radars with continuous search mode and tracking support in scanning mode, which ensures quick capture of the next priority target in multiple attack scenarios.

In recent years, threats at sea have become more complex. The emergence of new supersonic, high-diving and highly manoeuvrable anti-ship cruise missiles and new asymmetric threats has stepped up the development of new inner layer defence systems (ILDS). Defense systems need to be continually upgraded to meet the new requirements.

The Dutch Navy undergoes a mid-life upgrade program called the Goalkeeper Upkeep. Under a 2012 contract, Thales Nederland developed a modernization package that can be offered to foreign customers through the Goalkeeper Service Life Extension Program.


In March 2018, Thales Nederland announced the successful sea acceptance trials of the first upgraded system under the GOALKEEPER Upkeep program. The upgrade covers a new colour TV and IR electro-optical set, latest generation control station, operational software, and processing power. These enhancements yield added accuracy, reduced reaction time, new prediction algorithms to improve fire-control effectiveness and enhanced multi-target engagement capabilities against the latest anti-ship cruise missiles and asymmetric seaborne threats.


(Source: Wikipedia)

Mass6,372 kg (14,048 lb) with 1,190 rds of ammunition (above deck); 9,902 kg (21,830 lb) (total).
Height3.71 m (above deck) 6.2 m (including deck penetration).
CrewAutomated, with human oversight
Shell30×173mm TP, HEI, MPDS, or FMPDS
Caliber30 mm
Barrels7-barrel (progressive RH parabolic twist, 14 grooves)
Elevation+85 to −25 degrees at 80 degree/s
Rate of fire70 rounds/second (4,200 rounds/minute)
Muzzle velocity1,109 m/s (MPDS round)
Effective firing range350 to between 1,500 and 2,000 metres dependent on ammunition
1 x GAU-8/A Avenger 30 mm seven-barrel Gatling gun


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