The Australian Navy is being heavily invested by the Australian government to meet the military’s mission requirements in the new situation. And the Hobart destroyer was born to meet this requirement.

Australia is a large country in the Asia-Pacific region and a country with the leading developed economy in the world. Although Asia is considered to be the focus of the world in the future, but over the years, the region has always had tense issues in territorial disputes between several countries. Therefore, countries in Asia in recent years have attached great importance to the power of naval forces and continuously procured and modernized naval weapons. The Australian Navy is no exception, this force is being strongly invested by the Australian government to meet the military’s mission requirements in the new situation. The Hobart-class destroyer was born to meet this requirement, HMAS Hobart is the lead ship of the class with the hull number DDG-39.

HMAS Hobart – Discover The Incredible Power Of The Australian Destroyer

The Spanish company Navantia won a contract to build the hull for three Hobart-class destroyers. Navantia is a well known and experienced company in the construction of destroyers. Navantia is the developer of the modern F-100 frigate of the Spanish Navy.

According to some sources, the hull of the Hobart-class destroyer is built on the foundation of the F-100 hull, the hull of the Hobart is designed with 31 different functional modules, very convenient for maintenance, repair.

In the future, the modules may be replaced by other functional modules to suit the new Navy requirements and missions without building the new ship. Modular technology is being applied to the construction of the most modern warships in the world today.

HMAS Brisbane (DDG-41)

One of the top advantages of the Hobart-class destroyer, the ship is equipped with the Aegis 7.1 combat system, which is the latest, most advanced version of the United States for its allies. The Aegis system stands for “Airbonne Early-waring Ground Intergration Segment”, and Aegis now equips all modern US Navy destroyers.

The Aegis combat system is a concept of technology that accurately detects, tracks, alerts and strikes targets with extremely sophisticated, modern and extremely complex processing stages, technical requirements must be very advanced. Until now, Aegis was still the only all-powerful combat system in the world. The “heart” of Aegis 7.1 on the Hobart destroyer is the AN/SPY-1D (V) active electronically scanned array radar. This radar is capable of detecting and tracking up to 200 targets at the same time, and in addition AN/SPY-1D (V) can detect enemy missiles, including ballistic missiles at a range of more than 300 km.

In addition, the superior feature of AN/SPY-1D (V) is the ability to accurately identify and distinguish targets in complex terrains, such as coastal areas (i.e. located in the medium of mountain, island, near shore). This is something the radar on a former Australian destroyer could not have.

HMAS Hobart’s Aegis Combat System

Integrated with the AN / SPY-1D (V) Radar is the improved version of Sea Sparrow air defense missile and super precision interceptor missiles such as SM-2 and SM-3 block 1A missiles of America.

SM-3 block 1A missiles are capable of shooting down intercontinental ballistic missiles at ranges of up to 500 km and at altitudes up to 160 km, SM-2 long-range surface-to-air missile systems with ranges up to 170 km, at altitude of 24km specialized in destroying aircraft types.

HMAS Hobart in first local missile firing

In addition to the world’s most powerful anti-aircraft systems, Hobart-class destroyers are also equipped with a range of advanced anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons.

Specifically, eight US MK41 vertical launch systems with 48 cell. The launch tubes are designed in a modular configuration, able to launch many types of rockets of different weight and sizes.

The ship also carries the Harpoon Project RGM-84L Block 2 anti-ship missile version that can destroy the most modern warships today.

HMAS Hobart fires full weapons’ suite

In addition, the Hobart-class destroyer is also equipped with 127mm MK45 Mod4 main gun of BAE Systems UK, MK45 Mod4 uses many types of bullets and has a relatively fast firing rate.

On both sides of the Hobart vessel is a MK32 Mod 9 torpedo tube, which can launch MU90 torpedoes developed by the European torpedo company with a range of 40 km.

This heavy torpedo is powerful enough to scare every enemy submarine. Hobart-class destroyers also carry an MH-60R helicopter, carrying out anti-ship and anti-submarine missions.

Some sources also believe that the Hobart destroyer is also equipped with American BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles. The Tomahawk has an average range of up to 2000 km used to hit land targets with an accuracy of only 3-5 meters.

Hobart-class destroyers are also equipped with multichannel data link, transmission and analysis systems that allow for constant updates in real-time from the US global satellite system, helping the system On-board combat always has the most complete and fastest information about developments in the surrounding area that it is controlling.

HMAS Hobart conducts a live fire exercise using the vertically launched RIM-66 Standard Missile 2 (SM2) as a test of capability before proceeding to their Unit Readiness Evaluation (URE).

According to military experts, the equipped of three Hobart-class destroyers, combined with US Aegis destroyers in the Asia-Pacific region is more than enough to create a Perfect ballistic missile defense shields not only for the entire territory of Australia but also for a part of US territory.

It can be said that the Hobart destroyer is too versatile, not only to ensure the mission at sea but they also have the ability to defend ballistic missiles for the entire territory of Australia. A point that not all destroyers can handle such complex tasks.


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