After the US M1 Abrams tank, the German Leopard 2 tank is also being tested with a new, modern Israeli-developed tank shield system – Trophy – the active protection system.

The agreement to buy the Trophy defense system was announced by the governments of the two countries on February 16, 2021. Accordingly, a company of Leopard 2 main battle tanks will be equipped with the Trophy system, the rest will be completed in the next few years. In the US, the installation of Trophy systems for the M1A2 tank is also in progress. Israel hopes, with the success of its defense cooperation programs, will lead to more Trophy purchases.

Head of the Directorate of Research and Development at the Israel Defense Ministry, Brig. Gen. said: “This is a significant agreement, which further deepens the excellent relations between our countries. We thank the German Ministry of Defense for its expression of confidence in our defense establishment and in Israel’s industries. We are confident that the system will maximize the protection and capabilities of Germany’s MBTs.”

Trophy - the active protection system
Trophy – the active protection system

The Trophy’s success story is just one of many Israel’s defense technologies, currently recognized by the most advanced Western military, NATO countries, as well as internationally.

For years, Israel has pioneered the development of new weapons, such as drones in the 1980s. And Israel has also excelled in applying artificial intelligence (AI), optical television and other innovations into the field of weapons.

On the modern battlefield, tanks not only need to be protected against conventional anti-tank weapons, but in the recent war between Azerbaijan and Armenia it has been shown that they need protection from drones and other threats.

Countries such as Turkey, China, Iran and Russia are concentrating resources on developing modern suicide UAVs and anti-tank missiles. Many of the weapons of these nations are on par with the most advanced weapons in the West.

Therefore, countries are always interested in investing in improving protection with proactive defense systems. And Israel once again asserts that it is ahead in the field of defense technology.


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