From August 2020, Russia began conducting national tests of the S-500 Prometheus. This is the final stage of weapons testing before entering service.

According to commander Sergei Surovikin, the S-500 Prometheus will be capable of attacking targets in space. In terms of tactical characteristics, the S-500 Prometheus can be considered the first space defense complex because it can destroy low-orbit satellites and space weapons. The S-500 Prometheus can also destroy aerodynamic targets, ballistic missiles and hypersonic weapons.

According to Almaz-Antey, the S-500 Prometheus is capable of intercepting targets at ranges of up to 600km, at altitudes up to 200km. It is equipped with a modern radar system that can detect and hit simultaneously 10 ballistic targets, as well as intercept warheads at supersonic speeds. Therefore, the S-500 Prometheus will play an extremely important role in protecting Russia’s industrial parks and strategic military facilities.

S-500 Prometheus
S-500 Prometheus

Russian military expert Viktor Murakhovsky noted that it is especially important for the armed forces to have complexes such as the S-500 Prometheus, able to deal with space threats and Modern aerial attack vehicles, including hypersonic missiles. The Russians expect that, once operational, the complex will serve for decades to protect Russia’s airspace.

According to the American magazine The National Interest, after joining the Russian Army, the S-500 Prometheus, along with other anti-aircraft missile complexes such as the S-400, S-300 and S-350, will create The air defense network cannot be penetrated. This anti-aircraft net is so perfect that even stealth aircraft like the F-22, F-35 and B-2 are difficult to pass. With the appearance of the S-500 Prometheus, Russia’s defense capabilities will be raised to a new level.

Russia has long been famous for its modern air defense complexes that are even superior to those of the West. Many countries around the world have expressed interest in and want to buy this weapon from Russia. Turkey, for example, is determined to execute the S-400 sale and purchase agreement with Russia, despite the protests and threats of US sanctions. And Ankara is also interested in the S-500 Prometheus, although the complex is still incomplete.


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