HTMS Angthong (LPD-791) originated in Singapore, based on the design of the Endurance-class landing platform dock

In September 2019, the Royal Thai Navy said it had signed an agreement with China to buy an amphibious transport dock ship Type 071E for 6.1 billion baht (about $200 million). Accordingly, the new ship will take about three years, when Commissioned it will help the Thai navy to carry out larger-scale operations. Until then, the Royal Thai Navy’s amphibious capabilities depend entirely on HTMS Angthong, currently the only active amphibious ship of the Thai Navy.

HTMS Angthong (LPD-791) originated in Singapore, based on the design of the Endurance-class landing platform dock of the Republic of Singapore Navy, designed and built by Singapore Technologies (ST) Marine. The ship was launched on March 21, 2011, and officially entered service on April 19, 2012.

HTMS Angthong
HTMS Angthong

Like her sisters in the Endurance class, the Thai HTMS Angthong has a standard displacement of 6,500 tons, and a full load of 8,500 tons. Her length is 141m, beam is 21m, and draft is 5m. The vessel can complement a crew of 65.

The ship features a twin screw displacement hull integrating bulbous bow. The well-dock has a wide stern ramp for loading and off-loading equipment and troops. The ship is highly automated to reduce manning. The vital areas of the ship are protected against a certain degree of shock.

Angthong can be deployed in the transportation of forces during overseas military training and exercises. It acts as a multirole logistics support and command vessel when operating with the navy. The ship can be used to conduct search and rescue operations and civil disaster relief missions during peace time emergencies.

The ship is fitted with a flight deck which can accommodate two medium lift helicopters. The integrated bridge system allows the operator to access the navigation and communications systems, the Electronic Chart Display and Information System and other vital systems needed to sail the ship effectively, while the Ship Control, Monitoring and Management System controls, monitors and manages most of the platforms on board. The ships are also equipped with an Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse system which helps in landing, securing, manoeuvring and traversing a helicopter, and eliminates the need for deck personnel to secure helicopters upon landing. All these result in a high degree of automation.

Endurance Class has the capacity to carry up to 18 tanks, 20 vehicles and bulk cargo. Boats and landing craft carried include four 13m fast craft equipment and utility and two 25m fast craft utility vessels. The ship also provides transportation for 350 troops. It has two 25t deck cranes for loading and unloading of cargo.


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