it is understandable that New Delhi will only buy the Su-57 if it is compatible with Indian missiles

According to sources from Russia, the signals suggest that Moscow is ready to respond to this request. According to military advisers in Moscow, the Sukhoi Aircraft Company has conducted an assessment on the feasibility of integrating BrahMos missiles on their fighters.

This news could be crucial to the development of the Indian Air Force in the coming decades. It is no secret that India is working on developing the next generation fighter. The purchase of the fifth generation Su-57, will give New Delhi easier access to Russian technology.

su-57 brahmos
Su-57 brahmos

According to rumors in the Russian military community, a few months ago, a video was released of a missile launch from a Su-57. The missile is similar in size to the one being developed, the BrahMos-2 super-missile. This information is hypothetical, and cannot be confirmed.

Russian and Indian media have reported that India is ready to abandon the Su-57 project and focus on their domestic Tejas fighter project. According to sources, the reason is that India is not satisfied with the engines Moscow equips the Su-57.

At the same time, other sources said that both countries will overcome these obstacles and India will persistently wait until 2022 to make a decision. Meanwhile, Moscow is expected to put into service a second batch of Su-57, which will use the Izdeliye 30 engines, developed specifically for the Su-57. At this point, the Su-57 will become a true 5th generation fighter.

However, the BrahMos-2 missile, which can be integrated into the Su-57, will be smaller, and mean a shorter range. Due to the relatively small internal weapon bay of the Su-57, current BrahMos missiles cannot be mounted. If the external missile is mounted, the Su-57 will lose its stealth.


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