The Shahpar-2 was introduced as a combat UAV, that can “See, Surround & Smash” Enemy Targets.

Pakistan has a special relationship with China. A few days after China unveiled a variety of new weapons at the 2022 Zhuhai Airshow, Pakistan proudly showcased its Indigenous combat UAVs at IDEAS 2022. The Shahpar-2 was introduced as a combat UAV, that can “See, Surround & Smash” Enemy Targets. Pakistan has made significant advances in the field of drones, which play an increasingly important role in warfare, as demonstrated in the ongoing Ukraine war.

The Shahpar-2 is classified as a Medium Altitude Long Endurance Drone (MALE), manufactured by Global Industrial Defence Solutions of Pakistan. It is currently in production following the completion of a test and qualification phase. The Shahpar-2 is an improvement on the Shahpar-1 drone commissioned into the Pakistan Army and Air Force in November 2013 for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions and assistance in disaster management.

The Shahpar II is designed to autonomously take off and land on a runway or land with a parachute. On March 23, 2021, Shahpar-II drone was first exhibited publicly during the Pakistan Day parade. According to the advertisement, Shahpar II is designed as a reconnaissance and ground attack UAV, with a range of up to 1,000 km. The drone has two external hard-points where it can carry Laser guided weapons, AGMs 60 kg (130 lb) each. The promo shows Shahpur-II drone firing Barq laser guided ASM on moving and still targets with high accuracy.

The drone can fly at a maximum speed of around 222 km/h. Its take-off speed ranges roughly between 148 to 158 km/h, similar to its cruising speed. The Shahpur-2 can restart its engine during flight and contact satellites in any campaign, day or night.

Pakistan is fully aware of the threat posed by UAVs, as US drones began conducting strikes against terror outfits in Afghanistan and border areas of Pakistan. The successful development of indigenous UAVs allows Pakistan to become self-sufficient in important weapons, and shows the country’s ambition in the goal of entering the export market.


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