Indonesian media reported that the N-219, a utility aircraft designed by Indonesia Aerospace, will be developed with a maritime surveillance version.

Accordingly, an Infoglobal maritime surveillance system will be integrated with the N-219. This will enable N-219 to conduct maritime patrol, both by itself or by working together with other ships since it will give the aircraft the capability to share its detection data.

According to Gita Amperiawan, Director of Commerce, Technology & Development of PTDI: “…the N-219 aircraft can enter the market with various variants,”

Indonesia's N-219
Indonesia’s N-219

“We all know that N-219 can be used for passenger, medevac and cargo. With this collaboration, N-219 can be used for Maritime Surveillance missions in the future, both for the military and commercial too,” he added.

The N-219 is a utility aircraft designed and built by PTDI based on CASA C-212 Aviocar. The N-219 had its maiden flight in 2017 and is scheduled to enter mass production in 2022. With a capacity for 19 passengers, the aircraft is designed to be operated on rough and semi-prepared runways commonly found in Indonesia’s remote regions.

The N-219 is twin-engine, designed for multi-purpose missions. A flexible door system to allow a multi-purpose missions for transporting passengers and cargo. The aircraft has a length of 16.49 m, a wingspan of 19.5 m, a height of 6.18 m, an empty weight of 4.3 tons, and a maximum take-off weight of 7 tons.

The N-219 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42 turboprop engines, with 850 hp each. The maximum speed achieved is 390 km/h, the cruise speed is 310 km/h, the range is 890 km, the service ceiling is 3,000 m, and the Rate of climb is 9.85 m/s. Reportedly, 60 percent of the materials are domestically produced and local suppliers produce landing gear parts, rubber components and tooling.


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