Since the early 1990s, when the Soviet Union disintegrated, the British Army was no longer pressured by threats from the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, so they lost their challenging threat.

The Challenger 2 tank is the heaviest and most powerful combat vehicle in the British Army. Since the end of the Cold War, after several number cuts, only 227 of these Challenger 2 tanks are still in service.

The British Army introduced various upgrade concepts over the years, including improvements to new sensors, electronics and fire control systems. However, these upgrades have not been implemented. The most ambitious upgrade plan was supposed to be implemented, to replace a completely new turret, but was not implemented in the end. The Challenger 2 numbers will eventually drop to 150, according to analysts, and upgrading remains a big question.

The Royal Army also has 759 Warrior infantry fighting vehicles. This tracked armoured vehicle weighs 28 tons, is equipped with a 30mm main gun, but it is not equipped with on-the-go firing capability. Like the Challenger 2 tank, the Warrior has not received any upgrades during its 37 years of service.

Twelve years ago, the British Army planned a comprehensive upgrade, with a new turret using an all-new 40mm cannon. This project cost 500 million dollars, but did not get one upgraded. There were allegations that it was too wasteful to develop a new gun for the Warrior, as this vehicle could no longer meet the demands of modern warfare. Unable to bear criticism, the Warrior upgrade was over.

The average life expectancy of tracked armoured vehicles in the Royal Army is 50 years. Thus the number of armored Warrior vehicles reached the end of their life, and most likely, the Royal Army would have no infantry fighting vehicles.

Currently, a new version of the infantry fighting vehicle has begun to be ordered for the Royal Army, the Ajax Armoured fighting vehicle. This is also the basis for the development of versions such as scouting, engineers, commanders and other vehicles.


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