China’s only strategic bomber is the H-6 bomber, which is inherently very old and is no longer suitable for the present time

The H-6K/J /G are new versions of the Chinese-made H-6 bomber based on the Soviet Tu-16 bomber, about 70 years ago. They are upgraded with a new D-30KP-2 engine from Russia, for greater payload, longer range than before. In addition, it also fitted new electronic equipment and radar system.

H-6K/J/G is considered the backbone and pride of the Chinese air force. It can carry conventional bombs and also smart bombs and cruise missiles. Each new H-6 version can only carry 9 tons of ammunition with a combat range of 1,800km and a cruise speed of 750 km/h. The amount of ammunition is even less than the US F-15E fighter, which can carry up to 11 tons of weapons.

xian h-6
xian h-6

Compared with the new generation strategic bombers such as the US B-52, B-1, B-2, the Russian Tu-95MS, Tu-22M3, Tu-160M2, the Chinese H-6  is completely inferior in terms of range, ammunition payload as well as cruise speed.

The most prominent among the weapons that the new H-6 is equipped with is the CJ-10 cruise missile. It can carry up to 6. CJ-10 cruise missile has a range of 1,500km, is equipped with a 500kg conventional warhead, or nuclear warhead. The H-6K and CJ-10 are considered to help China significantly enhance long-range combat power.

However, with what the US Navy has in the South China Sea, including nuclear aircraft carriers, amphibious ships carrying stealthy fighters, they can create a surprise strike with the PLAAF’s long-range combat force.

On the other hand, the Chinese pilots’ combat experience is far behind the US, not to mention real combat capabilities and combat cooperation. China has the advantage of being close to the South China Sea, but the United States has an advantage in weapons technology, as well as its allies in the region.

Although strongly condemning the US, even threatening to take appropriate action in the South China Sea, analysts believe that it will be difficult to have a face-to-face confrontation between the US and China in the South China Sea. Simply because Beijing understands how powerful it is.


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