In November 2020, the Israeli Navy will take over the first Sa’ar 6-class stealth missile corvette.

According to a report by the Times of Israel, the flag-raising ceremony will take place on November 11, 2020 in Germany, and the ship will be named INS Magen. This is the first stealth missile corvette out of four new generation ships.

The corvette has a modest displacement, only about 2,000 tons. The Sa’ar 6 class was developed based on the German Braunschweig class, constructed by ThyssenKrupp. It has been significantly modified at Israel’s request to host Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems, as well as the Barak-8 ballistic missile interception system.

According to Defense News, the new stealth warships are urgently constructed amid the threats posed by missiles of the armed groups of Hezbollah, Hamas or even Iran, targeting Israeli oil and gas facilities offshore, especially since Israel relies significantly on the supply of energy from gas power plants.

The Israeli Sa’ar 6-class corvette is stealthy thanks to the optimal design to reduce the effective reflected signal. It will be difficult to detect by enemy radar.

The INS Magen will join the Israeli navy first, followed by the INS Oz, INS Atzma’ut and INS Nitzahon, respectively. They are expected to be handed over by Germany next year.

With the first new generation of stealth missile corvette in service, the Israeli Navy will have a big change in quality.

Although the Sa’ar 6-class stealth missile corvette did not have a large displacement, it was equipped with super weapons systems, worthy of being Israel’s most modern flagship and even the most modern in the region.

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