The Israeli Ministry of Defense has just released a video introducing the details and capabilities of the new generation armored personnel carrier named Namer 1500.

According to information from the Israeli Defense Ministry, the Namer 1500 armored personnel carrier has been delivered to the Israel Defense Forces. The vehicle is expected to significantly increase operational efficiency and ensure outstanding protection for soldiers. This new version will replace more than 100 existing M113 armored personnel carriers of the Israel Defense Forces.

The Namer is a line of Israeli armored personnel carriers based on the Merkava Mark IV tank chassis. The vehicle was designed and developed by the Israeli Ordnance Corps, and has been in limited service with the Israel Defense Forces since late 2008. Due to budgetary constraints, the introduction of the Namer into the IDF has been slow, leaving the ground forces dependent on the M113. The new Namer 1500 is considered a leap forward in military vehicle technology. The APC is equipped with a powerful 1500hp engine, marking a significant increase in power and speed compared to its predecessor. In addition, the vehicle incorporates touchscreen technologies to improve user efficiency.

The Namer’s design is based on the turret-less Merkava 4 chassis, which has sloped hybrid armour to protect the fighting compartment. The newly introduced Namer 1500 reveals that it retains the familiar configuration of the previous Namer APC version. The driver is located in the front left of the hull, with the troop compartment at the rear.

The vehicle’s roof is equipped with a remotely operated weapon station. This station is armed with a powerful 12.7mm heavy machine gun, allowing for significant firepower in combat scenarios.

The advanced protection capabilities of the Namer 1500 are one of its standout features. With an enhanced armor design that surpasses even the heavily fortified Merkava IV tanks, the Namer 1500 joins the ranks of the most heavily armored vehicles worldwide. This strategic improvement ensures maximum safety for its personnel in contemporary battlefields.

The new, more powerful engine allows the APC to effectively traverse diverse terrains and respond quickly to escalating situations. The Namer 1500 integrates state-of-the-art touchscreen technology. This addition enhances control and improves situational awareness for the crew, ensuring superior operational efficiency in the field.

Most notably, the Namer 1500 is now fortified with the Israeli Trophy Active Protection System (APS). This advanced military technology, also known as Wind breaker, is developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries’ Elta Group. Already mounted on the latest generation of the Merkava IV Main Battle Tank (MBT), the Trophy APS provides armored vehicles with a high degree of protection against incoming threats such as anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs). This strategic addition amplifies the Namer 1500’s defense capabilities, offering an advanced layer of protection against modern threats. The advanced protection of the Namer 1500 is one of the standout features that sets it apart from its predecessor.


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