KRI Bung Karno – guided missile corvette, a warship specifically designed as a presidential ship to support various protocol activities and diplomatic tasks.

The ship was named after the First President of Indonesia Sukarno and entered service in June 2023. KRI Bung Karno will replace the current ageing presidential warship, a German-built 57-metre long Fast Patrol Boat, KRI Barakuda (814), which condition is deteriorating as it is in service since 1995. However, KRI Barakuda will not be retired but modernised so that it can fully return to its original function as a patrol ship.

Bung Karno has a length of 73 m, beam of 12 m, and displacement of 650 tonnes. The corvette is powered by two diesel engines generating 4,000 kW. The ship has a top speed of 24 knots and cruising speed of 20 knots. She has a complement of 55 personnel. To support its VIP transport role, the ship has a high level of security systems and a luxurious interior, according to TNI AL.

As a modern design, the vessel exudes clean lines with attention given to stealth features. Protrusions are kept to an absolute minimum and the hull line is unbroken from bow to stern. The forecastle is set to seat a powered turret while the stern has a single-helicopter landing pad. Over midships is the bridge / hull superstructure capped by a short-profile mast.

The ship will be equipped with not only air, surface, and underwater sensors, but also an electronic warfare system. In addition, the corvette will be armed with a 40mm main gun, two 20mm cannons, and short-range surface-to-air missiles (It is reportedly MBDA’s SIMBAD RC). To add more flexibility to the type of missions it can perform, the ship also features a helideck capable of landing a medium-sized helicopter such as AS565 Panther and, judging by its design, has some kind of mission bay under the helideck which could presumably launch and recover Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB).

As it is much more capable than its predecessor, KRI Bung Karno can also be deployed to support naval operations throughout Indonesia’s archipelago. The corvette will be stationed in Jakarta so that it can be used by the president, or other high-ranking government officials, on short notice, including for diplomatic events.


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