Indonesia’s third Teluk Bintuni-class landing ship has joined the navy, bringing the Indonesian military’s amphibious capabilities to a new level

Indonesian media reported that the KRI Teluk Youtefa landing ship was launched in May 2019 at the PT Daya Radar Utama shipyard. The two previous Teluk Bintuni-class landing ships were commissioned in June 2015 and February 2019, respectively. The Teluk Bintuni-class amphibious ships are Indonesia’s attempt to enhance the country’s military’s strategic maritime transport capabilities.

According to the plan, the Indonesian Navy will put into operation a total of 12 landing ships of this type, making this the largest amphibious transport force in the region. The Teluk Bintuni class ships were designed and manufactured by the Indonesian Navy in conjunction with local shipyards of the country in a very short time. Since launching the first ship in 2014, three have been commissioned, the remaining four are still in the final stages of completion.

KRI Teluk Youtefa
KRI Teluk Youtefa

The vessel has a displacement of 2,300 tons, with a length of 117 to 120 meters, a beam of 16-18 meters, and a draft of 11 meters. She is equipped with two thrusters, maximum output power of 4,400 horsepower each. This Indonesian landing ship is capable of carrying 10 main battle tanks Leopard 2A4 or 15 infantry fighting vehicles BMP3F. The maximum speed the ship can achieve is 16 knots, the maximum range is 6,240 nmi at 12 knots.

Indonesia’s Teluk Bintuni-class landing ships are capable of carrying up to 2 helicopters under 10 tons, providing very good amphibious combat capabilities and support for the country’s marines. The KRI Teluk Youtefa that has just been commissioned is built according to an improved design, with a length of 120 meters. The previous ships were all built in the 117-meter version. Indonesian media said that the 120 meter version will have more improvements than the old version, but the transport capacity is still nearly the same.


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