The Bradley M2 infantry fighting vehicle of the Ukrainian Army was shot down by a Russian anti-tank missile, blew up the turret and became the focus of attention on Russian and Ukrainian social networks.

According to Sohu, a US-made M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA infantry fighting vehicle, which was supplied to the Ukrainian army, was destroyed during the Ukrainian counterattack, in the direction of Zaporozhye.

Official information from the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Bradley was turned into rubble by a Russian anti-tank missile. The tracked and wheels were severely damaged, and the front engine compartment cover was also deformed. Its turret was blown off, due to the enormous explosive power of the TOW anti-tank missiles inside the vehicle that exploded when hit by a Russian missile.

Another photo shared on Telegram by Hanna Maliar, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister, shows a battered Bradley after the battle. The vehicle was part of Ukraine’s 47th Mechanized Brigade, which has been involved in heavy fighting during the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Maliar said the vehicle took a direct hit from a Russian Grad rocket system — but was tough enough to keep going, while protecting everyone inside.

According to the Dutch open-source analysis website Oryx, which closely monitors visual evidence of losses in the conflict, a staggering total of sixteen Bradley infantry fighting vehicles provided by the United States, have been either lost or damaged in Ukraine in the past few days. Based on the information provided by the website Oryx, five Bradley infantry fighting vehicles have been destroyed, while eleven others have suffered damage and subsequently abandoned.

Bradleys are designed to combine firepower capabilities with the capacity to transport approximately ten troops, utilizing tracks instead of wheels for mobility. This dual-purpose design enables them to serve as combat assets and personnel carriers in military operations. Bradley is fighting in an extremely complex and dangerous environment. It faced frequent threats from enemy artillery and anti-tank weapons without air support and with ineffective suppressing artillery fire. Such circumstances have intensified the vulnerability of the Bradleys, leading to the losses and damage observed.

The Bradley car that was destroyed at Zaporizhia is the latest version of the M2A2 series. Main armament is a 25mm M242 cannon and TOW anti-tank missile launcher. It should be said that, compared with the Russian army’s BMP-2/3 infantry fighting vehicle, the Bradley M2A2 ODS-SA infantry fighting vehicle still has certain tactical advantages. The fire control system, communication system and informatization level of the M2A2 ODS-SA have great advantages over the Soviet BMP-2/3 infantry fighting vehicle of the same period.

During the Gulf War, infantry fighting vehicles of the M2 series prevailed over Iraqi tanks and armored vehicles, effectively supporting the M1A1 Abram main battle tank. However, times have changed; on the modern battlefield, currently the Bradleys not only deal with Russian infantry fighting vehicles of the same level, but can be main battle tanks, suicide UAVs and especially armed helicopters; while Ukraine has no air superiority.

The Bradley M2A2 armored vehicle, although it has thicker armor than the Soviet BMP-2/3, but it is not as heavy as the main battle tank, so being defeated is also obvious.


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