The Bradley M2A4 is fitted with a two-man turret and keeps the armament of the previous version of the Bradley family

The US successfully tested the Bradley M2A4 infantry fighting vehicle

According to the US Department of Defense, in October 2020, a new version of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle was successfully tested, the Bradley M2A4.

The US Army awarded the contract to modernize the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle to BAE Systems. The new contract is part of a modernization strategy for armored vehicles to increase the US Army’s combat readiness capability.

Currently, the M2A2 and M2A3 versions are 168 units and will undergo modernization. The M2 Bradley is one of the most important military vehicles in the US military, allowing for troop transportation, and providing fire support to infantry. Currently, the total budget of the Bradley modernization program is up to 578 million USD.

M2A4 Bradley
M2A4 Bradley

Upgrades on Bradley M2A4

Since the end of the Iraq War, the Army has been working on upgrading its existing Bradley fleet. A series of technical change proposals has been initiated since 2012.

Bradley’s A4 version gets a new drivetrain, track upgrades, lighter chains and an improved shock absorbers. All of these improvements come with a more powerful engine that improves mobility and responsiveness in the event of a threat.

These improvements are drawn from the experiences in the Iraqi battlefield. Previous Bradleys were too focused on adding armor, increasing weight, resulting in reduced maneuverability on rough terrain and left it more vulnerable to IEDs.

The new armored vehicle will receive a completely new observatory. The entire crew will have access to new software that simplifies operations and enhances the ability for optimum situational awareness. The Bradley M2A4 IFV is improved with new Fire Suppression and IED jammer components further to enhance survivability.

It has a weight of 36.3 tons and can accommodate up to 10 soldiers including the driver, commander, and gunner.


A4 is fitted with a new 675 hp Cummins VTA903E-T675 8-cylinder diesel engine, with a new hydraulic transmission, allowing the M2A4 Bradley to install Iron Fist Light Decoupled, an active armor protection system developed by Elbit Systems Israel. According to the manufacturer’s statement, the new Bradley version will be the best armored vehicle in the world. The hull armor provides protection against 14.5 mm ammunition.

The new Bradley can run at a maximum road speed of 66 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 402 km.


The Bradley M2A4 is fitted with a two-man turret and keeps the armament of the previous version of the Bradley family that consists of one Bushmaster 25mm cannon and TOW anti-tank missile system.

Developing the lethality ability from the previous version, the Bradley M2A4 weapon system is enhanced with full ballistic fire control by a new central data processor, dual target tracking support, automatic aiming.


The M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle entered the US Army’s arsenal in 1981, immediately becoming famous for its prestige on the battlefield.

During the 1991 Operation Desert Storm, hundreds of Iraqi army T-55 and T-72 tanks were destroyed by M2 Bradley. Over a long period of service, this armored vehicle is gradually becoming obsolete, the upgrade to the M2A4 standard will help it meet the requirements of modern warfare.

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