Malaysia has a fleet of 111 K-200 KIFVs, which have been imported from South Korea since the 1990s.

Malaysia has a fairly strong ground force in Southeast Asia. In addition to 48 PT-91M main battle tanks imported from Poland, the Malaysian army also owns a strong force of other foreign-origin armored fighting vehicles. Notably, 111 K-200 KIFV infantry fighting vehicles, imported from South Korea since the 1990s. Malaysia was also the sole export customer of this armored vehicle.

The K200 KIFV was manufactured by Daewoo Heavy Industries, and has been in service since 1986. It was developed to replace older South Korean armored personnel carriers, such as the M113. A total of 2,383 K200 vehicles of all configurations were produced between 1985 and 2006. Malaysia received 111 K200A1s between 1993 and 1995. This is an upgraded variant of the base K200 with more powerful engines and transmission. The upgrade also added NBC protection and automatic fire extinguishing system.

The KIFV is broadly similar to the YPR-765 infantry fighting vehicle, which in turn is based on the M113 APC. The composite armor provides a higher level of protection for less weight. It provides protection against 12.7 mm rounds on the sides, 7.62 mm ammunition in the rear, larger shell splinter from the ground, and anti-personnel mines. The engine compartment is located at the front right of the vehicle and is separated from the remainder of the vehicle by a bulkhead.

The KIFV has a crew of three and carries up to 9 troops, enter and leave vehicle via the rear power operated ramp. Vehicle is armed with one 12.7 mm machine gun and one 7.62 mm machine gun. There were also some KIFV variants armed with a turret-mounted cannon. Malaysian variants armed with an M2 Browning 12.7mm machine gun, 81mm mortar and support vehicle.

Vehicle is powered by a MAN non-turbocharged engine, developing 280 hp. The improved K200A1 featured additional armor and received a more powerful turbocharged engine delivering 350 hp to keep its cross-country performance at the same level. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 74 km/h, Amphibious speed on water 6 km/h, and a range of 480 km.


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