Despite being in use since the Cold War, “Marshal Krylov” remains the Russian Navy’s flagship electronic warfare ship, tracking intercontinental ballistic missiles and space satellites.

Marshal Krylov is the only remaining ship of the 3 ships of project 19141 (NATO code is Marshal Nedelin class). After the completion of the modernization in September 2018, the ship was intended to be assigned to the 114th brigade of the Pacific Fleet based in Kamchatka, but then the ship was brought back to join the Pacific fleet based at Vladivostok. This is one of the ships equipped with the most modern technical technologies of the Russian Navy.

Krylov is considered by many military experts to be the “Star Wars Staff”. It is designed to promote tests of new space rockets, the orbiting of spacecraft, search, rescue and evacuation of crews and splashed vehicles, and to detect warships, submarines and aircraft and report the information.

In 1977, when the project was completed, the policy of easing tensions in relations between the Soviet Union and the United States had weakened, the arms race gradually turned into a space race. After 6 years, US President Ronald Reagan announced a program of large-scale strategic defense initiatives with space base components. In response, the General Directorate of Space Equipment of the Soviet Union ordered the construction of a ship capable of controlling satellites.

The main supervisor of the project is German Titov, and the general engineer is Dmitri Socolov. Marshal Krylov was started in 1982 at the Leningrad shipyard and launched in 1987, in 1990 it was put into service.

The length of the submarine is 211 m, width 27.5 m, displacement of 23,700 tons. The crew is nearly 350 people. The ship is equipped with radars, hydroacoustic complexes, satellites and other complexes. For example, the “Diatel” imaging station, whose parameters are close to those of the human eye, is one of the most technically advanced stations.

Marshal Krylov
Marshal Krylov

Marshal Krylov’s strength is not its weapon system but its electronic reconnaissance equipment. The ship is equipped with the radar system “Ship Globe”, the air and sea reconnaissance radar MR-320 “Topaz”, the antenna system SM-259 and the navigation radar system MR-212/201.

Although it does not have the function to carry out combat missions, when necessary, the ship is still capable of defending itself with the armament of 6 cannons AK-630, TKB-12, as well as anti-aircraft missile complex “Strela 2M”.

The ship has its own medical complex, sports halls, concerts, sauna, library, barber room, shops and other necessary services for the crew and officers.

After a deep modernization that began in 2015 and the installation of the latest radio systems on board, Marshal Krylov can control targets in space.

Its mission is to put into orbit the vehicles of the Russian space forces. In addition, the ship is also planned to be used as a command center for the Pacific fleet, from which it can give orders to warships in different parts of the world. The ship is capable of operating autonomously for 120 days and nights.


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