International media have published a series of images of homemade tanks and armored vehicles

You will be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of these “designers”. These are all homemade armored vehicles, simply designed with the most common tools. These vehicles, although not capable of resisting large anti-tank fire, are completely capable of protecting the crew from machine gun and assault rifle fire. Even many versions are equipped with strong firepower, capable of supporting infantry on the battlefield.

During the wars in Syria and the Middle East, homemade armored vehicles regularly appeared and participated in direct combat. Basically, these armored vehicles are converted from tractors, bulldozers or even trucks. People also converted many types of trucks into armored vehicles, to overcome the fire barrier of government troops, when participating in suicide bombings.

Homemade Tanks of the Kurdish
Homemade Tanks of the Kurdish

Homemade armored vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and don’t follow any design philosophy. They are mainly based on the available chassis and the skills of the builders; as well as available materials. Of course, the combat performance of these vehicles is not too high. Placing a thick layer of steel armor on the chassis of conventional vehicles also reduces their durability significantly.

The modification and re-engineering of armored vehicles on the battlefield will solve the immediate problem, providing strong firepower and the ability to shield infantry for forces that are lacking in combat vehicles. Up to now, on the battlefield of the Middle East, there are still many types of homemade armored vehicles with very unique shapes. This is a testament to the limitless creativity of human beings, even under the most severe conditions.


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