According to Reuters, the US Department of Defense has confirmed a new military aid package to Ukraine worth $775 million.

MaxxPro is one of the top mine-resistant armor in the US arsenal. Able to withstand explosive ambushes, US armor vehicle is expected to help Ukraine change the course of its conflict with Russia. According to Reuters, the US Department of Defense has confirmed a new military aid package worth $775 million. The new batch of weapons includes many US-made weapons, including the MaxxPro MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle – the US military’s “steel shield”.

MaxxPro MRAP is designed and manufactured by the American company Navista International in cooperation with the Israeli company Plasan Sasa. In 2007, MaxxPro officially entered the US Army. MRAPs are categorized as category 1 or category 2, depending on usage and passenger compartment space. The MaxxPro Plus model comes with dual rear wheels for increased load carrying capacity, such as an ambulance or EFP protected variant. The latest model produced is the MaxxPro Dash, which is a smaller and lighter category 1 model. Both the Plus and Dash models use the MaxxForce 10 engine with 375 hp, in place of the DT 530 with 330 hp, used in the original base model produced.

The MaxxPro base model utilizes a crew capsule with a V-shaped hull, mounted on an International 7000 chassis. The V-hull deflects the blast of a land mine or improvised explosive device away from the vehicle to protect its occupants. The armored body is bolted together instead of welded, as in other MRAPs. This facilitates repair in the field and is a contributing factor to Navistar’s greater production capacity for the MaxxPro.

During tests this MRAP vehicle survived a 7 kg land mine blast. Vehicle can be fitted with add-on armor. It also provides protection against direct fire and RPG rounds. The MaxxPro is fitted with NBC protection system. This armored vehicle can be fitted with a roof-mounted and shielded 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine gun.

MaxxPro can reach a maximum speed of 105 km/h, a range of 600 km. The MaxxPro’s high ground clearance provides greater protection from underbody blasts, but also raises its center of gravity, causing rollovers in certain situations. The ESC combines road factors, vehicle data, and driver intent to automatically correct driving to ensure stability during maneuvers.

The unit price of a MaxxPro is estimated at more than 1 million USD. It has become an important US weapon, deployed in 24 other countries and territories. Largest operators are Jordan, Romania and Hungary.


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