The MD 530G is designed based on the MD 530F airframe and is engineered with advanced technology to deliver enhanced combat capabilities.

After a long wait, the MD-530G helicopters of the Malaysian Army are undergoing pre-delivery inspection. Six MD-530G light attack helicopters from MD Helicopter will be delivered to the Malaysian army soon after meeting all technical aspects and specifications. Malaysia ordered the MD 530Gs in early 2016 under a contract estimated to be worth $76.4 million.

The US Government announced its commitment to provide six MD 530G light attack helicopters, associated equipment and training to support the Malaysian Armed Forces’ rotary-wing close-air-support missions in December 2017. Based on the procurement contract, all the helicopters are expected to be delivered to Malaysia at the end of this year.


The helicopter is 7.76m long and 3m wide and has an overall height of 2.88m. It has five main rotor blades and two tail rotor blades. The main rotor diameter is 8.38m, while the tail rotor diameter is 1.55m. The helicopter has an empty weight of 885kg, maximum internal gross weight of 1.52 tons and maximum take-off gross weight of 1.7 tons. It can carry an increased useful load of 816kg to operate with additional range and endurance.

A Heavy Machine Gun Pod (HMP-400) developed by FN Herstal is mounted in a 14in Nato standard bomb rack on the helicopter. It features a 12.7mm FN M3P machine gun with a rate of fire of around 1,100 rounds per minute. The helicopter is also equipped with a Rocket Machine Gun Pod (RMP), which is effective against both guided and unguided rockets. The Rocket Machine Gun Pod combines a 12.7mm FN M3P machine gun and Nato Standard 70mm three-tube rocket launcher into a single weapons mount. The machine gun can store up to 250 cartridges.


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