The Vietnamese have done miracles to make victory. The story of a truck driving through two cables in the Truong Son route illustrated that.

In the 2015 Specter film of series James Bond, one had to marvel at the performance of British stuntman Jim Dowdall. Jim Dowdall drove a Jaguar XF sports car across the River Thames with just two more than 1 inch diameter cables. However, it is only very normal if someone knows that the soldiers driving in Truong Son have done that for a long time. More miraculously, they drove the trucks through two cables rather than simply a car with many equipment as the British actor mentioned above.

This bold idea was started in 1965, Vietnamese learned Chinese ideas during the anti-Japanese period: cable bridges span from mountain to mountain, from river bank to another.

At that time, most of the bridges in Vietnam were destroyed by US Air Force aircraft. The idea of building cable bridges will make US reconnaissance planes see only two streaks of wire, not guessing it’s a bridge. Soviet trucks, redesigned by a system of pulley wheels on cables almost like train wheels on rails.

This series of “unusual” bridges was spread throughout the Truong Son route to create favorable conditions for the transportation of weapons and military equipment from the North to the deep in the Southern battlefield, contributing to tremendous victory in the historic Spring of 1975, reuniting the country.


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