The Iranian-made Mohajer-6 long-range attack drone has power that cannot be underestimated.

There is information that this type of weapon has first appeared in the Ukraine conflict, controlled by the Russian military. Most recently, in a Tweet, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine shared an image of a Mohajer-6 believed to be captured by Ukrainian soldiers. The UAV is still intact, and the Ukrainian side is actively seeking information about this UAV.

According to the published information, most of the components of the Mohajer-6 are of foreign origin – there is even a Ukrainian part. Furthermore, all parts are marked in the state language of Iran – Farsi, which undoubtedly attested to the Iranian origin of the drone. Iran’s Mohajer-6 long-range UAV is capable of carrying a variety of guided weapons, including bombs and short-range missiles.

The Mohajer-6 is a tactical and combat unmanned aerial vehicle capable of carrying a multispectral surveillance payload and/or up to four precision-guided munitions. It is a complement to the larger Shahed 129. The UAV entered serial production in February 2018. As with other members of the Mohajer family, the Mohajer-6 is made of composite.

The Mohajer-6 has a rectangular fuselage, an upwards-sloping nose, twin tailbooms, a top-mounted horizontal stabilizer, uncanted wingtips, straight wings mounted high and to the rear of the body, and air intakes on the top and bottom of the engine. The Mohajer-6 has a wingspan of 10 meters and is 7 meters long. It has a fixed, forward facing camera for navigation and a gimbal on the chin for a laser range finder and multispectral IR and visible light electro-optical imagery.

The Mohajer-6 has two main variants. The A variant has two hardpoints, one under each wing, which can each carry one Qaem TV/IR-guided missile or one Almas missile. Whilst the B variant has 4 hardpoints, with 2 under each wing carrying the same types of missiles. It has an autopilot system capable of automatic takeoff and landing. In addition, Iran describes it as capable of being fitted with electronic support measures, communications jamming, or electronic warfare payloads.

The Mohajer-6 has a max takeoff weight of 600-670 kg and can carry about 100-150 kg armaments depend on model. Also the ground control station of Mohajer-6 has 200-500 km range. It has a max speed of 200 km/h, an endurance of 12 hours, and a ceiling of 16,000-18,000 feet.

In recent weeks, Russian forces are said to have used Iranian drones in attacks on Ukrainian forces. It is worth noting that earlier Iranian ambassador to Ukraine denied supplying unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia. Tehran had previously said Iran would not assist either side in the war as it backed its resolution through dialogue.


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