Sea Breaker is a multi-purpose missile complex, capable of anti-ship, land attack, coastal defense

Sea Breaker is considered a long-range precision-guided missile system that can destroy targets at a range of up to 300km. According to official information from Rafael, the Sea Breaker missile can be launched from naval platforms of various sizes, from missile attack craft, frigates and corvettes, including small warships under 100 tons. Alternatively they can be mounted on ground launchers. In particular, the mobile SPYDER system developed by Rafael is capable of carrying 6 Sea Breaker missiles.

The missile utilizes a wide range of technological innovations such as electro-optics, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, and decision-making. Addressing the complex challenges of modern warfare, Sea Breaker delivers pinpoint strikes from stand-off ranges of up to 165 nautical miles with a 250 lb (113kg) penetration, blast, and fragmentation warhead against high-value maritime and land targets.

Sea Breaker missile
Sea Breaker missile

Using artificial intelligence, the Sea Breaker performs deep-learning and big data-based scene-matching, enabling automatic target acquisition and automatic target recognition. It also has a datalink support system that allows the operator to make decisions and tactical real-time man-in-the-loop decision-making and tactical updates, mid-flight abort capability, and battle damage assessment.

It flies very low both in the sea and on land. In such a situation, enemy radars present on the sea or land cannot recognize the sound of this missile when the missile reaches very close to the enemies, which does not even give them time to react. In such a situation, it becomes almost impossible for the enemy to escape from this missile.

The Israeli Navy has added a Sea Breaker guided missile to its key capabilities with SAAR 6 corvettes. The ability to engage both land and sea targets at the same time will increase the role and weight of the Israeli Navy in Israeli military strategy. In particular, thanks to the Sea Breaker’s target selection capability, hitting only military targets and preventing civilian casualties will also reduce the reactions to Israel’s military operations. SAAR 6 corvettes equipped with Sea Breaker guided missiles will increase Israel’s power and deterrence in the Eastern Mediterranean.

According to Rafael, the Sea Breaker is a multi-purpose weapon, capable of delivering highly lethal effectiveness in the role of anti-ship missiles, land attack, coastal defense and surface-to-surface cruise missiles. The price of this new cruise missile has not been determined yet.

Currently, the Sea Breaker is in the final stage of development and is ready to be introduced to customers in the near future. Its compatibility with the SPYDER air defense system makes it considered a coastal anti-ship weapon. This becomes attractive for countries with SPYDER air defense systems such as the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.


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