Super Dvora Mk. III are Myanmar’s remarkable surface warships. All are domestically built.

In just about 10 years, the Myanmar Navy from an unknown force in Southeast Asia has surprised the whole region with its growth rate, both in quantity and quality. Since 2010, things began to change, the Myanmar Navy has launched a large-scale modernization plan with its potential. Many modern warships have been built. Most recently, within the framework of the 75th Anniversary of its establishment, the Myanmar Navy put into operation 5 new naval assets including 2 fast patrol boats Super Dvora Mk III, 2 landing crafts and a riverine water tanker.

Super Dvora Mk. III are Myanmar’s remarkable surface warships. All are domestically built, with technology transfer from Israel. Super Dvora Mk. III was designed and built by Israel’s Ramta in 2004. These vessels are capable of travelling up to 50 knots (93 km/h) in littoral waters thanks to its state of the art thrust vectoring control Articulated Surface Drives while holding various armaments, from automatic grenade launchers, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, SPIKE NLOS missiles, and 30 mm cannons in its armory.

The Myanmar Navy already operates the Super Dvora Mk III fast patrol boats since 2017, and the two recently-commissioned boats are the 5th and 6th ship of the class. Both are armed with twin 14.5mm QJC-02G anti-aircraft heavy machine guns mounted on a locally-developed Defence Industry Remote Controlled Weapon Station, and a manually operated 14.5mm QJC-02G machine gun.

Super Dvora Mk. III has a length of 27.4m, a beam of 5.67m, and a draft of 1.1m. The crew is about 9-12 sailors. Their compact size and high speed make them well suited for amphibious and riverside operations. They are also designed to be operable from the Myanmar Navy’s landing platform dock, the UMS Moattama.

These vessels are fast and agile, and designed to reach and maintain high operating tempos. Its hull geometry provides constant sea keeping at all speeds, and a dry deck throughout high-speed runs and tracking down. Their thrust-vectoring propulsion system allows Super Dvora Mk III to function in shallow waters at draughts of 1.2 metres facilitating special operations forces delivery on enemy shores and catastrophe relief missions.


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