Many Russian combat vehicles appearing along the border with Ukraine are marked with the letter Z

Many Russian combat vehicles appearing along the border with Ukraine are marked with the letter Z, which has aroused the curiosity of Western experts. We are talking about the appearance of a symbol drawn on the military equipment of the Russian armed forces, a white ā€œZā€ inside a larger white square.

Western journalists have published articles expressing confusion and curiosity about the meaning of this symbol on Russian weapons. Nothing like this has happened before with the Russian military. In the past few days, amid rumors surrounding Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, many videos show equipment of the Russian armed forces with the letter Z.

There are many opinions on this issue. All these military vehicles were seen in the Kursk and Belgorod regions, which are only 10 to 40 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. It can be seen that the symbol Z is drawn in a square, but not in a certain way, but in haste. Moreover, this Z symbol is left on all kinds of military vehicles, estimated to number in the hundreds such as tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, MT-LBs, self-propelled artillery,…

Some have referred to it as the “Zorro squad”, while others have speculated that the ominous signs are a way to make sure Russians can tell their own vehicles apart from their enemies. This was a practice employed by the Allies in World War II to reduce the chance of soldiers firing on “friendly” forces, and was also used by UK and US forces in the First Gulf War.

Another conspiracy theory was added that “Russia uses the Latin alphabet to confuse enemies and the foreign public”. The Ukrainian media also wrote about this. In general, all discussions aimed at clarifying the unusual markings on Russian military equipment are quite ridiculous. Some Western authors explain to readers that the unusual letter Z on Russian military equipment is because it is not in the Russian alphabet. The exact meaning of these Zs is still unknown, but this Russian tactic has also caused Western experts to speculate.


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