Russia is developing a new 300 mm multiple rocket launcher system (MLRS) with the designation “Sarma”, with greater mobility and the ability to fire guided munitions, according to RIA News.

Currently, the Russian army is deploying the MLRS Tornado-S guided rocket, which also has a 300 mm caliber. This ammunition is equipped with an inertial guidance system with satellite correction and allows to hit many different targets with high accuracy.

The Sarma MLRS will be the next evolution of the Kama MRLS project, built on the KamAZ chassis. It is reported that the rocket launcher will be equipped with an improved automated fire control system. The launcher had 6 rails instead of 12 (as on the Smerch MLRS). The entire weapon system is placed on a КамАЗ-6350 truck chassis with an 8×8 configuration. The new system will be able to fire “smart” precision-guided munitions. The machine will be equipped with an advanced automated fire control and guidance system.

Currently, the Russian army is operating three 300mm multiple rocket launcher systems, including: Smerch MLRS, Tornado-S MLRS in its modernized version and Uragan-M1 MLRS.


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