GOALKEEPER Upkeep CIWS – The Firewall is More and More Powerful

The Dutch Navy undergoes a mid-life upgrade program called the Goalkeeper Upkeep.

MK-1A Tejas – OK, the Indian Game has Changed with 83 Approved Light Fighters

on January 13, 2021, India cleared its largest ever indigenous defense deal worth $6.5 billion to buy 83 LCA Tejas light fighters
Newport News Shipbuilding

USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier – Maintain US Power at Sea, Despite New Challenges of...

Recall that the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 aircraft carrier was the first US ship on which the crew massively infected the coronavirus.

Milrem Type-X robotic – The Soldier in the High-Tech Warfare

Medium-class Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) has passed its initial mobility tests.
Tomahawk Block V

Tomahawk Block V – The Transformation of the War Messenger

Dubbed the "Cold War warrior", the Tomahawk Block V cruise missile is confidently entering a power struggle in the era of hypersonic...