Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier

USS Gerald R. Ford CVN-78 – the most expensive aircraft carrier of the US...

USS Gerald R. Ford, the US supercarrier has finally started sea trials after more than a year of repairs.

KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai, the latest guided-missile frigates of the Indonesian Navy.

KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai - With the hull number 332, this is the second Martadinata-class frigate, of the Netherlands-designed Sigma...
BRP Batangas SARV 004

San Juan-class – Four Patrol Vessels Of The Philippine Coast Guard

The Filipino people deserves a credible and strong Philippine Coast Guard to perform it's mandate and task, nothing more, nothing less
The USS Port Royal (CG-73) Ticonderoga-class missile cruiser

Ticonderoga-class cruiser – Seem Outdated To The US Navy, But Still Much More Powerful...

Ticonderoga-class cruiser - a missile armed cruiser, part of the U.S. Navy. The first class of warships was equipped with the Aegis...

Saab 32 Lansen – Famous Swedish attack aircraft

Saab 32 Lansen was the first aircraft designed in Sweden where the design work was not based on ordinary blue-prints, but on...