USS Essex LHD-2 – Monster on the sea of America

USS Essex LHD-2 is among the largest of all amphibious warfare ships, resembling a small aircraft carrier. She was launched 23 February...

Mowag Piranha – Switzerland’s famous family of armored fighting vehicles

The Mowag family of the armoured vehicle since 1972 is an outstanding export success, in any model Piranha has successfully completed its...

HDMS Iver Huitfeldt F361 – The largest variant based on the German Sachsen class...

The Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates were among the most powerful warships of the Royal Danish Navy, they are designed for air defense, but...

Westland Lynx – The king of speed of helicopter world

The Westland Lynx is a British Army multi-purpose helicopter designed and manufactured by Westland helicopter at their factory in Yeovil, England.

Mistral L9013 – The giant amphibious assault ship of France

Mistral-class ships are a new type of amphibious assault ship of the French navy, also known as a helicopter carrier.