Kidd-class destroyer

Kee Lung Destroyer DDG-1801 – Taiwan’s most formidable warships

With a full displacement of 9,783 tons and a length of 172 meters, Taiwan's Kee Lung-class destroyers should have been classified as...
armoured personnel carrier

Anoa APC – The Pride of Indonesian defense industry

During a series of bomb attacks in Indonesia in January 2016, Anoa armored vehicles were mobilized to protect the people and prevent...
Multi-role Military Helicopter

NHIndustries NH90 – The most advanced multi-role helicopter in Europe

NH90 helicopters are equipped with torpedoes and anti-ship missiles mounted on external weapon pylons. It is capable of performing various combat missions...
air-defence destroyer

Caio Duilio D554 – The Italian Orizzonte-class frigate

Caio Duilio is the result of a Horizon-class frigate research program that has been jointly developed by France, Italy and the United...

Black Eagle T-80UM2: Failure of a groundbreaking design

The "Black Eagle" ("Object 640") was the name of a promising Russian main battle tank, developed by by the KBTM design bureau...