On March 9, 2023, Lockheed Martin delivered to Poland the first batch of Patriot PAC-3MS systems in a $ 4.75 billion contract signed in 2018.

With the Patriot PAC-3MSE, the Polish armed forces will be equipped with one of the most modern air defense systems in the world. Patriot was developed by the US in 1981, so far this weapon has been developed with many different variations to meet the requirements of modern warfare. And the system has proven effective in real combat.

The PAC-3 MSE variant is an extensive upgrade of the Patriot line. The Patriot PAC-3 MSE is designed to provide advanced defense against a range of threats, including tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and enemy aircraft. Currently, Lockheed Martin is expanding its production facility ready for mass production. The company will increase production capacity by 40% compared to the current one, ensuring the supply of PAC-3 MSE for customers.

According to the manufacturer, the upgrade to the MSE standard makes the missile more agile and extends the range by up to 50%. Compared to the previous PAC-3 missile, the PAC-3 MSE has a larger, more powerful dual-pulse solid rocket motor, as well as an improved guidance system that enables it to engage targets more effectively at longer ranges. The missile’s advanced hit-to-kill technology allows it to intercept incoming threats with great precision, destroying them before they reach their intended target.

The PAC-3 MSE missile has a maximum range of around 35 kilometers and an altitude capability of up to 40 km . This enhanced range and altitude capability allow the PAC-3 MSE to engage and destroy incoming threats at greater distances, providing an increased level of protection against a variety of airborne threats.

The new variant is capable of providing 360-degree protection, while maintaining maneuverability and reducing operating and maintenance costs by 50%, according to manufacturer Lockheed Martin. In the immediate future, there will be about 220 Patriot PAC-3MSE systems deployed in the US, and 12 systems in allied countries. Currently, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Poland have ordered this advanced interceptor system.


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