The Philippine Air Force has just received the last modern medium-range transport aircraft C295 from Spain. In the past, this country has ordered and received a number of C295 aircraft to enhance its airlift capabilities.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr presided over the receiving ceremony of the last of the C295 transport aircraft that the Southeast Asian country ordered from Spain. According to the Philippine leader, the C295 transport aircraft will help them strengthen their defense capabilities.

The Philippines received two C295s last year, after purchasing four in 2015 and 2019.

President Marcos Jr thanked the Spanish government for supporting the Philippine Air Force in purchasing the planes, calling it one of the “meaningful outcomes” in the long-standing relationship between the two countries.

Still according to President Marcos Jr, the C295 aircraft will help the Armed Forces of the Philippines to provide “more responsive support” to government agencies, especially in emergencies, humanitarian assistance and disaster response.

The EADS CASA C295 is a twin-engine tactical military transport aircraft, built by Spain-based Airbus Military. The first C295 model flew in 1997 and was offered for sale in 2001. It is estimated that more than 100 have been produced.

C295 has many versions, currently the latest version is called C295W. The identifying feature in this variant is the upward curvature at the ends of the main wing, which has the effect of increasing lift capacity and saving 4% fuel. The aircraft achieves longer range as well as safer operation in complex mountainous terrain.


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