Pindad plans to roll out 25 to 30 Badak vehicles each year from its plant in Bandung

Indonesia is a country with respectable defense potential in Southeast Asia, with impressive defense industry achievements. One of those is the Badak fire support vehicle designed and produced by PT Pindad. The vehicle was unveiled at Indo Defense & Aerospace 2014. PT Pindad received an order from the Ministry of Defence, Republic of Indonesia to deliver 50 vehicles to the Indonesian Army in January 2016. Pindad plans to roll out 25 to 30 Badak vehicles each year from its plant in Bandung. As of 2018, the order was reduced to 14 vehicles. It is intended to replace the Alvis Saladin.

Badak has a full load weight of about 14 tons, a length of 6m, a width of 2.5m, and a height of 2.9m. The vehicle featured a new design with all-welded monocoque steel hull with STANAG 4569 Level 3 protection, based on a modified chassis of the Anoa 6×6 armoured personnel carrier. The layout houses the power pack on front-left, driver’s position on the right side of the forward hull, and turret in the middle of the hull.

Pindad Badak
Pindad Badak

The vehicle is manned by three crew members. The driver is provided with a single-piece hatch cover with three day vision periscopes. The rear hull is fitted with two single doors, and the turret is provided with two hatch covers and a stowage basket. Badak is equipped VHF/HF radio communications, intercom, air-conditioning and heating system, global positioning system and navigation system.

The two-person turret has a baseline protection of up to STANAG 4569 Level 1 (upgradable to Level 4) and is armed with a 90 mm low-pressure rifled gun. The weapon system allows the firing of armour piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot tracer (APFSDS-T), high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT), high-explosive squash head (HESH-T) and Canister anti-personnel rounds. The turret can be integrated with a range of sight and fire control systems including day / night gunner’s sight, laser range finder and a ballistic computer.


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