Pindad Komodo is a 4×4 tactical vehicle was developed after Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made a visit to Pindad’s main office in 2011.

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The Indonesian-made armored vehicles, despite using foreign technology, all have modern designs, strong firepower, and are promoted no less than similar Western products.

In the framework of the INDO DEFENCE 2018 EXPO, the Indonesian defense industry made a strong impression with many locally produced armored vehicles. This includes the Komodo light armored vehicle manufactured by PT Pindad Group, the Indonesia’s leading defense contractor.

Pindad Komodo
Pindad Komodo


Pindad Komodo is a 4×4 tactical vehicle was developed after Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made a visit to Pindad’s main office in 2011 and asked them to create an indigenous tactical vehicle in order to serve the needs of the Indonesian police and military as an alternative to other 4×4 tactical vehicles such as the Humvee as a personal challenge to the company.

The vehicle was given its present name by President Yudhoyono after it was unveiled to the public at the 2012 Indo Defence Expo and Forum in Jakarta. It was named after an endemic animal native to Indonesia, the Komodo dragon.

Pindad Komodo is offered in a number of variants, which include reconnaissance, armoured personnel carrier, command post, ambulance, rocket launcher, special operations support vehicle, and cannon towing.

Pindad Komodo
Pindad Komodo


The Komodo was designed in Pindad’s Bandung, West Java manufacturing facility with a price tag of about 300,000 US dolar. The overall dimensions of the vehicle include 5.65m long, 2.25m wide and 2.15m high.

Pindad Komodo has an empty weight of 5.8t and a combat weight of 7.3t. Its wheel base and wheel tracks are 3.60m and 1.90m respectively.

Pindad Komodo features an armoured steel hull and offers superior manoeuvrability and can accommodate up to five personnel. According to Pindad, the Komodo’s monocoque armored body is bulletproof and it can withstand 7.62 mm or lower caliber rifle and handgun bullets.

The Komodo’s glass is also made bulletproof. While most parts of the Komodo are made locally in Indonesia such as the frame, body and design, Pindad has publicly stated that they used imported components such as Hino for machinery parts and Michelin for the tires.

Pindad Komodo’s diesel engines were imported directly from Renault. The Komodo’s monocoque steel body was made locally by Krakatau Steel. The Indonesian Army’s Research and Development Department has officially certified the Komodo as a road worthy vehicle after Pindad conducted static and dynamic tests.

The rocket launcher, reconnaissance and cannon towing variants are equipped with a four-door double-cab, which can accommodate up to five personnel, while the other variants are provided with a two-door regular cab. The cab features two-piece windshield assembly with ballistic glass. Each door is fitted with a bulletproof glass window.

Pindad Komodo
Pindad Komodo

Armed version

The mobile anti-aircraft SAM variant is the result of a collaboration between Pindad and MBDA, which are armed with Mistral SAM missiles. According to the Indonesian military, a total of 56 mobile SAM units are to be made and purchased.

Pindad also collaborated with Nexter to create Komodos that would serves as mobile command and communications vehicles with a total of 8 units being ordered.

The reconnaissance variant is optionally provided with a roof-mounted remote control weapon station to carry a 7.62mm-calibre machine gun for defence against small arms and light vehicles.

The Komodos can be modified by Pindad on the request of their customers in order to suit their own requirements, depending on the circumstances.

Pindad Komodo
Pindad Komodo


The Komodo’s turbo intercooler diesel engine has a total 215 horsepower at 2500 rpm, allowing the vehicle to achieve the weight ratio of around 30 horsepower per ton. The vehicle can carry up to 200 liters of diesel fuel and only has a manual transmission system, which consists of 6 forward and 1 reverse gear, allowing the Komodo to have off-road capabilities.

The manufacturer said that the normal cruising range of the Komodo is at 450 kilometers, with an average speed of 70 km/h. The Komodo’s off-road capabilities have been tested in various conditions ranging from mountainous terrain to mud and sand.

In Indo Defence 2016, Saab has entered into an agreement with Pindad to work on a Komodo anti-aircraft variant that will use the RBS 70 NG missile system and Giraffe 1X AESA radar.


On June 1, 2018, Pindad announced that it has entered into a partnership with Bhukhanvala Industries to research and develop a ceramic-based protection system for the Komodo.

The armored vehicles produced by Indonesia all have cooperation with major defense corporations around the world, thus inheriting modern technology from them. That helps Indonesia create quality, low-risk products because foreign technologies have been proven effective. Analysts say this is a smart move to help them catch up with some advanced Western technologies.

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