From the outside, the PMMC G5 possesses a modern design, integrated stealth characteristics on the hull.


The Protected Mission Module Carrier, also known as PMMC G5, is the latest generation armored personnel carrier, manufactured by the German FFG company. These new vehicles are expected to replace the aging M113 armored vehicles in service with the German armed forces, as well as for export customers.

G5 first appeared in 2012 at the Eurosatory International Defence and Security exhibition held in Paris.

G5 is introduced as a tracked vehicle, featuring an unparalleled combination of superior protection, high performance and large payload. Owning a weight of up to 26.5 tons, G5 can carry more cargos than similar models. The appearance of G5 is expected to set new standards in the military vehicle market.

G5 armored personnel carrier can be configured with a variety of devices and weapons to suit different missions based on a standard chassis. Variations include command post, mortar, recovery vehicle, engineering, infantry, and ambulance. The vehicle offers enhanced cross-country mobility in all terrain conditions.


From the outside, the PMMC G5 possesses a modern design, integrated stealth characteristics on the hull. The driver’s position is in the front left of the hull, protected by bulletproof glass and steel cage. The passenger compartment can accommodate a maximum of 12 fully armed soldiers.

The entrance is an electrically door at the rear, which helps the soldier to exit the vehicle while being protected. There is also a roof hatches to use when needed. Its maximum payload capacity can be up to 8.5 tons.

The crew compartment is arranged quite comfortable and spacious, creating comfortable working conditions for the personnel. Air conditioning systems, fire suppression system and NBC protection are available as standards for modern armored vehicles.

The hull of G5 has ballistic protection, providing maximum survivability for the crew. It can protect against splinter, fragments, mines, explosively formed projectiles, and improvised explosive devices. It also provides lightweight protection against rocket-propelled grenades. When necessary, the vehicle can be fitted with additional armor modules to enhance protection.


The “heart” of the G5 is a turbocharged diesel propulsion system located at the front part, producing 580 horsepower. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 74 km/h and a range of up to 1,000 km.

The suspension is inherited from the Leopard 1 main battle tank. The 6-wheel rubber track system is equipped on each side, providing smooth traction, helping the vehicle balance on most terrains. It is capable of climbing a slope of 60% and lateral inclination of 30%.

PMMC G5 is designed to provide maximum flexibility allowing configuration to suit almost any mission. The interior kits use standardised parts and components and can easily be modified, adapted, or replaced by other kits within a very short time. Modules are designed as standard, interchangeable, giving the customer an enormous flexibility in deploying military operations while reducing costs to an absolute minimum.


For self-defense, the vehicle can be fitted with a remote-controlled weapon station. A prototype was introduced with 12.7 mm machine guns. There is also the option to equip a weapon station with 7.62 mm machine gun or 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

There is also a modern 360-degree optical observation system, which provides high situational awareness on the battlefield. A day and night camera system fitted to the vehicle enables the observation of targets under all lighting conditions. The direct view under armoured glass offers superior visibility.


The first foreign customer of G5 armored vehicles was the Norwegian army. On May 30, 2018, FFG announced a contract with the Norwegian Defense Materials Agency to provide Armored Combat Support Vehicle. Under this contract, FFG will provide PMMC G5 vehicles, including an armored personnel carrier, command and medical vehicles, as well as a container truck. The number of vehicles ordered and other contract details were not disclosed.

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