In Poland, an Unmanned Ground Vehicle is being field tested for combat purposes, the Piap Hunter UGV.

The Ukrainian battlefield has proven that there are so many drones, both surveillance and combat aircraft, that movement becomes very difficult for both sides. Therefore, routine missions such as logistics, resupply and evacuation are at great risk from drones and enemy artillery. As drones and the overwhelming firepower of artillery are creating a new trend in modern warfare, people are starting to realize the need for ground robots for battlefield logistics, and even surveillance and combat purposes.

In Poland, an Unmanned Ground Vehicle is being field tested for combat purposes, the Piap Hunter UGV. According to the report, On January 4, 2024, the Piap Hunter UGV underwent rigorous field tests, demonstrating its prowess when operating alongside infantry units in sandy and difficult terrains.

The vehicle has a weight of over four tons and measures nearly five meters in length. It is specifically designed to operate in challenging terrains. The vehicle is powered by a hybrid engine, consisting of an electric generator and traction electric motors, enhancing its operational duration and allowing for silent movement using electric power. The UGV can reach speeds exceeding 50 km/h and is outfitted with six high-resolution cameras, day and thermal imaging systems, and a robust radio communication system.

Outfitted with the RCWS Arex ZMU-03, featuring a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun and smoke grenade launchers, this Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) has shown its capabilities in threat detection, providing fire support, and deploying smoke screens effectively. The UGV also offers the option to be fitted with a small drone, that will be working as additional source of vision information and can work as communication relay for range of communication enhancement.

Developed by Arex, a WB Group subsidiary, the turret features advanced stabilization for both the weapon and its observation equipment. It is equipped with day and thermal cameras as well as a laser rangefinder. The turret can be operated either from an onboard station or remotely via a portable console, offering versatility in various combat scenarios.


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