China’s CCTV announced that the 71st Army Group of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has commissioned the new Multiple Launch Rocket System, the PZH-11.

The PZH-11 is an improved version of the previous PZH-10, providing impressive maneuverability, quick response and high accuracy, allowing them to operate flexibly on a variety of terrains such as plains, high altitudes, and deserts.

The PLA in recent years has been actively modernizing its weapons and equipment, so that it can take advantage of new technologies for modern warfare. The first images of the new multiple launch rocket system first appeared in 2021. The PZH-11 will complement and replace the older PZH-89 multiple launch rocket systems.

Compared to the PZH-10, the PZH-11 has a new armored cabin, with wedge-shaped armor at the front, that protects against small arms fire and artillery shell fragments. The weapon system is mounted on a tracked chassis, similar to the American M-270. Firing operations can be performed from within the crew cabin, which can be outfitted with a land navigation system (LNS) and a computerized Fire-Control System (FCS) for autonomous operation.

The PZH-11 has two pods with rockets. The same pods are used by other recent Chinese artillery rocket systems. Each pod has 20 launch tubes. The PZH-11 can fire various types of unguided solid propellant 122mm rockets with a range of 15 km to 30 km. The modular design allows for the firing of rockets of different calibers, including 220mm and 300mm.

The PZH-11 is operated by a crew of 5, and has a brief reaction and redeployment time. The system requires only a few minutes to prepare and execute a fire mission and can quickly move to another position to avoid counter-battery fire. Similar artillery rocket systems are typically used for shoot-and-scoot type attacks.

The PZH-11 is powered by a 600 hp diesel engine, located at the front of the hull, for a max speed of 65 km/h, and a range of 500 km. The system is escorted by a reloading vehicle. It takes around 10 minutes to remove empty pods with a crane from the vehicle and replace them with loaded ones.


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