With a length of 129 meters, c is the first ship built under Seoul’s frigate procurement program, codenamed FFX Batch-III.

On April 10, the Korean Navy held a ceremony to launch a new 3,600-ton frigate with enhanced anti-submarine and anti-aircraft capabilities. Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup affirmed that ROKS Chungnam is a South Korean effort to build a military force based on science and technology, and is a solid foundation for a powerful navy.

South Korea plans to build a total of six 3,600-ton frigates to replace the increasingly obsolete frigates and corvettes. The new frigate is equipped with a 127mm naval gun, anti-ship guided missiles, surface-to-surface tactical guided missiles and long-range anti-submarine torpedoes, as well as a locally produced “multi-phased array radar” system capable of detecting and tracking multiple targets from all directions.

ROKS Chungnam will undergo sea trials, and is expected to be delivered to the Navy in December next year. According to officials, the ship is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2025. South Korea usually names frigates after major provinces and cities in the country. According to the manufacturer, the electric propulsion method that generates less noise by applying the hybrid propulsion system method avoids the threat of detection by submarines, while enabling high-speed navigation using gas turbine propulsion in case of emergency, improving operational performance.

ROKS Chungnam’s sensors and various other subsystems, such as combat management system (CMS), tow-arrayed sonar system (TASS), and hull mounted sonar (HMS), are indigenously-developed. Most notably, the frigate is equipped with 360′ multi function radar (MFR) and integrated sensor mast developed by Hanwha Systems. Additionally, it is armed with K-VLS cells, K-SAAM Sea Bow surface-to-air missile, 5 inch gun, anti-ship missiles, land-attack cruise missiles, Red Shark K-ASROC, K745 Blue Shark torpedos, and CIWS-II.

Chungnam can accommodate a crew of 120 and a medium helicopter on its flight deck, which will augment its submarine-hunting capabilities. The ship has a maximum cruise speed of 30 knots.


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