LAROM or LAROM 160 is an upgraded version of the Romanian APR-40, itself an Improved Version BM-21 Grad.

The multiple rocket launcher is one of the most destructive weapons on the modern battlefield. We are all too familiar with the powerful rocket artillery systems of the Soviet era such as Grad (BM-21) or Smerch (BM-30). To counterbalance Russia, NATO also has a number of powerful multiple launch rocket systems in hand, Romania’s LAROM being one of them.

LAROM or LAROM 160 is an upgraded version of the Romanian APR-40, itself an Improved Version BM-21 Grad. LAROM was revealed in 2000, developed to meet the requirements of the Romanian Ministry of Defense in cooperation with Israel. About 54 of these systems are in service with the Romanian armed forces. It is understood that Romania intends to upgrade its complete fleet of 160 existing APRA-40 systems. Romania is currently the only operator of this system.

The LAR-160 Light Artillery Rocket System consists of a multiple rocket launcher mounted on mobile platform. It has one or two factory-sealed, expendable launch pod containers (LPCs) with 160 mm diameter rockets, carrying unitized or clustered submunition warheads to ranges up to 45 km. In its standard configuration, each launcher accommodates two 13 rocket LPCs. The system can be adapted to various platforms, tailored to customer requirements: tracked, wheeled or towed chassis.

The LAROM can operate with the standard 122 mm rockets, as well as with the more advanced 160 mm rocket, with a strike range between 20 and 45 km. The GRAD 122 mm rocket is utilised to suppress and annihilate concentrated targets. It has an 18 kg high-explosive warhead, a range of approximately 20 km and can be fired in salvos of up to 2 rounds per second. Operator can launch rockets from the truck cabin or up to 50 m away from the vehicle. The LAROM can fire single shots, partial or complete salvos. These multiple launch rocket system incorporated advanced artillery command and control system.

The LAROM 160 MLRS incorporates an advanced Artillery Command and Control System (ACCS), supporting all artillery units and types of ammunition. LAROM allows long-range fire capabilities to be maintained within the existing infrastructure of the GRAD units. The LAROM 160 is equipped with a modern command and fire control system by using tactical computers with automatic data processing. Latest version of the LAROM The LAROM 160 has an automated FCS with Elbit computers being integrated into the launcher and in the Fire-Control Unit (FCU) which is installed in the fully enclosed forward control cab.

Romania’s multiple launch rocket system is based on the Roman DAC-25.360 6×6 military truck. The artillery system weighs about 13.7 tons, is 7.35 m long, 2.4 m wide, and 3.1 m high. Vehicle can reach a maximum road speed of 80 km / h, a range of 800 km.


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