Vietnam has gradually mastered the technology to produce a number of main weapons, among them the RPG-29 rocket-propelled grenade launcher and was named SCT-29.

RPG-29 is the most potent anti-armor weapon in the inventory of Vietnam People Army these kinds of days. It serves alongside its more numerous cousin, RPG-7.

RPG-29 was manufactured by the Soviet Union and has been used on the payroll since 1989. Vietnam has imported a large number of this weapon besides purchasing licenses for domestic production.

Born to replace RPG-7 and RPG-16, RPG-29 Vampire is considered to be able to destroy most of the most modern tanks today. In the Syrian battlefield, RPG-29 continues to show its extremely dangerous. The fact that this weapon was in the hands of Syrian rebels makes Russia and the United States very worried. Highly maneuverable, easy to use, and much cheaper than the anti-tank missiles, RPG-29 flooded the battlefields of Iraq and Syria.

The launcher is designed to be simple with a caliber of 105mm. The launch tube in ready to fire status with a length of 1.85m. Weight (with bullets) about 18.8kg. With that size and weight, RPG-29 can easily be carried, as well as shot from the soldier’s shoulder. The combat team of RPG-29 is from 2 to 3 soldiers

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RPG-29 shells consist of two warheads: a 64mm HEAT warhead responsible for destroying the reactive armor on the tank. The second warhead sized 105.2mm destroys the vehicle’s main armor. The tanks have little chance of escaping if attacked by them.


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