The Brimstone missile mounted on a Polish-made self-propelled tank destroyer, when delivered to Ukraine, is expected to cause a nightmare for Russian tanks.

Brimstone missiles have now been supplied to Ukraine by Britain, under an agreement between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Zelensky. Although a good weapon, the weakness is that the launch platform is not highly mobile. This causes some limitations for the Ukrainian Army when it wants to bring the Brimstone missile into more extensive combat operations, especially in the Donbass area – where roads have been plowed, because of artillery shells from both sides.

In order to better meet the operational requirements in the new phase, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has asked its allies to support a better launch platform for Brimstone missiles. Responding to the call, the Polish Ministry of Defense said that, it will soon deliver to Ukraine its latest generation of self-propelled anti-tank vehicles, with built-in launchers for Brimstone missiles, which is considered a very bad signal for Russian tanks.

It should be recalled that within the framework of the MSPO 2019 defense exhibition, Europe’s MBDA group and Poland’s PGZ have officially launched a self-propelled anti-tank complex using the advanced Brimstone missile. The system is mounted on the chassis of the BWP-1 infantry fighting vehicle – a domestic version of Poland, or based on the K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer that Poland purchased from Korea.

On each tank destroyer, there will be 1 to 3 launch containers, carrying 12 to 24 Brimstone missiles in a state of readiness to fire, creating extremely formidable power. This self-propelled anti-tank weapon system is considered by Poland as an effective means to prevent large Russian tank corps in the event of a conflict, they are confident that it is enough to defeat even T-14 Armata.

The original Brimstone was an air-to-ground missile, with a range of over 20 km when fired from an aircraft, if deployed from the ground, this parameter drops to about 10 km. However, this range is still beyond the ability of all modern tanks to respond. Anti-tank missiles launched through the barrel can only reach about 5 km.

Each anti-tank vehicle equipped with Brimstone missiles combined with unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, will be enough to destroy a Russian tank battalion after each large salvo. Brimstone missile with modern “fire and forget” ability, equipped with high-destructive warhead, sophisticated seeker, and “rooftop” attack mode, will ensure the destruction of all tanks with just one shot.

Poland’s direction is considered to be very suitable for the new war era. Self-propelled anti-tank systems with the ability to launch out of sight are a popular trend in the world. Similar weapons systems, such as Israel’s Spike NLOS, China’s AFT-10 with HJ-10 missiles, or the latest Indian-made Nag complex.

The Polish self-propelled tank destroyer integrated with Brimstone missiles, and M142 HIMARS, or M270 MLRS multiple rocket launchers, according to the assessment, will help the Ukrainian Army balance its advantage on the battlefield with Russia.


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