Recently, Russian media Avia posted a video of destroying Ukraine’s M777 howitzer.

It is known that anti-artillery radar has identified the deployment area of ​​Ukaine artillery, then unmanned reconnaissance aircraft are deployed to determine the exact location. Russian artillery used Krasnopol-M2 smart artillery shells to destroy the M777.

Fighting between Russia and Ukraine mainly takes place in the Donbass region, where Russian forces are considered to have an advantage over the enemy thanks to superior artillery fire.

Russian forces have recently adopted a new tactic in the Donbass, making the most of artillery fire on areas where enemy defenses are suspected.

The smart projectile came into play when the Russian artillery force heavily shelled targets in the capital Kiev.

Krasnopol-M2 shells were fired by Russian troops from 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled artillery systems.


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