The Russian TV channel Zvezda published a video of the 2S19M2 Msta-S self-propelled artillery system firing during a drill.

Accordingly, the 2S19M2 Msta-S demonstrated the “simultaneous attack” mode with the ability to bounce multiple projectiles into the target area in a very short time. 2S19M2 is the latest upgraded variant from the 2S19 self-propelled howitzer developed by the Soviet Union.

The 2S19M2 152mm Self-propelled Howitzer Msta-S, first shown in 2013. The system features an updated computerised fire control system which gives an increased fire rate by automating loading, laying and retargeting. The radar-absorbent camouflage which reduces the vehicle’s thermal signature, and digital mapping to quickly identify terrain also enabled the Msta-S to be perform its tasks more rapidly and effectively.

Digital electronic maps are now available which significantly speeds up the terrain orientation in difficult geographical conditions and allows performing faster and more efficiently firing missions. In 2016 it was reported that a batch of over 30 2S19M2 systems will be delivered to the Russian Army. Deliveries commenced in 2017. By 2018 at least 15 of these howitzers were delivered to the Russian Army.

The 2S19M2 can fire ammunition with more propellant charges and with a higher breech pressure than the 2S19M. The gun is longer and has a heavier barrel. As a result it has a greater range of fire. Maximum range of fire with standard HE-FRAG shell is 30 km and 40 km with rocket-assisted shell. The original 2S19 Msta-S had a maximum range of 24 km with standard HE-FRAG shell and nearly 29 km with rocket-assisted shell. So that’s a significant improvement in range. 2S19M2 is compatible with all standard 152 mm ammunition used by previous self-propelled artillery systems.

2S19M2 is fitted with a semi-automatic loading system. Russia claims the system has a rate of fire of more than 10 shells per minute. A total of 50 shells and associated charges are stored inside. Self-defense weapon is a remote-controlled 12.7 mm machine gun. The vehicle is lightly armored, resistant to small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. There is also an NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems.

The self-propelled artillery system is mounted on a T-72 main battle tank chassis, but its armor is significantly thinner. The vehicle is equipped with a rear-mounted V-84A diesel engine, with 840 horsepower. In addition, it is equipped with an auxiliary power supply, which powers all systems, when the main engine is off. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 65 km/h, a range of 500 km.


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