Russian PAK DA bomber, also known as Poslanhik, is considered to have superior power compared to the US-made B-2 Spirit. With this threat, NATO will not be able, to “sleep well”.

According to the comments of military experts from China’s Sina newspaper, the PAK DA bomber – a promising long-range aviation complex of the Russian Aerospace Forces will cause NATO problems. The PAK DA strategic stealth bomber is key to Russia’s nuclear deterrent, which together with strategic submarines and land-based launchers create a formidable deterrent trio.

According to published data, Russia’s new generation of stealth bombers will have two main characteristics: the first is superior stealth, and the second is a very high payload. In addition, PAK DA can also carry cruise missiles to attack targets effectively. If refueled in the air, this flying vehicle will travel long distances to carry out transoceanic attacks.

Military experts believe that Russia’s stealth bomber will not only be used in large-scale military conflicts, but will also be useful with conventional bombs in local warfare. From a conceptual point of view, this is truly an exceptional aircraft, showing the undisputed power of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The Tupolev PAK DA is set to complement and eventually replace the older Tupolev Tu-95 in Russia’s Air Force service. According to the 2020 Izvestia report, three PAK DA prototypes are expected to be ready for preliminary testing by April 2023, with the state tests to begin in February 2026. The aircraft is expected to enter serial production in 2027. Due to the ongoing modernization of Russia’s current bomber fleet and massive purchases of upgraded Tu-160M2s, it is believed that the Russian Defence Ministry will initially procure only a small number of PAK DA bombers.

Technical parameters of the PAK DA include subsonic speed, 12,000 km operational range and a capability to continuously remain in the air for up to 30 hours while carrying both conventional and nuclear payloads up to 30 tons. The aircraft is expected to have a crew of 4. To reduce radar cross section, PAK DA is designed according to the “flying wing” scheme. It is expected to be equipped with long-range hypersonic missiles and artificial intelligence.

Russia’s long-range bombers will receive the most sophisticated electronic warfare systems, helping to deal with any threat. PAK DA is considered to be superior to the US B-2 Spirit, but like many new-generation weapons recently introduced by Russia, the new bomber’s tactical performance faces doubt. Numerous Russian “superweapon” programs are taking place extremely slowly, such as the Su-57 Felon stealth fighter, the T-14 Armata main battle tank. There is no guarantee that PAK DA will avoid this situation.


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