On October 25, Scorpion D made its first flight, according to Chinese media.

A drone powered by up to four engines, China’s Scorpion D is the first of its class. The UAV has a length of more than 10m, a height of more than 3m, can carry a payload of up to 1.5 tons, take off weight of more than 4 tons, Scorpion D is classified as a cargo drone. And for military purposes, it can completely become a real  UAV bomber.

On October 25, Scorpion D made its first flight, according to Chinese media. In addition to 4 engines, TB0D Scorpion D has additional power generators, making it powerful and safe when carrying payloads. Based on the published images, military experts believe that this type of drone can become a bomber drone. With more than 1.5 tons of bombs, Scorpion D will become a new challenge in the UAV war.

The Scorpion D is based on the TB-001, a twin-engine military drone. The TB-001 is said to have automatic and semi-automatic control capabilities with an effective communication range of 173 miles (280 km) from the ground command post within line of sight. Similar to TB-001, Scorpion D has a twin-boom tail, and high-wing mounting. The Scorpion-D is powered by four engines instead of its predecessor’s two, providing greater performance and inherent transportability. In addition, the wingspan of the new design is noticeably longer and capped by upturned winglets for economy. According to reports, the Scorpion-D has an operating range in excess of 3,500 miles.

Scorpion D is likely to be inducted into the PLA shortly. Beijing is entangled in a border struggle, especially in remote locations such as the South China Sea and its disputed boundaries with India. The new drone will expand the PLA’s options for delivering a range of supplies in such remote locations.

The TB0D Scorpion D is developed and manufactured by the Chinese company Tengden Technology. The company also has ambitions to build an eight-engined UAV with a wingspan of more than 137 feet and a payload of 20 tons, like a medium-sized manned cargo plane. China is very active in the cargo drone market. A new direction in the competitive drone market.


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