Chinese and Indian soldiers have shifted from direct confrontation in territorial disputes in the border areas of the Himalayas to social battles.

A photo on social media showed Chinese soldiers taking down several Indian soldiers in the border area.
A photo on social media showed Chinese soldiers taking down several Indian soldiers in the border area.

Chinese military websites posted pictures showing Chinese soldiers taking down several Indian soldiers in a duel on Pangong Lake in the border area, according to the South China Morning Post.

On the Chinese social media messaging app WeChat, a Chinese soldier posted a photo showing a group of soldiers holding sticks, besieging several Indian soldiers lying on the ground. The photos posted with the caption said that the Chinese side “only one wounded but dozens of Indian soldiers were wounded”.

A day earlier, the Indian side posted a video on YouTube showing that Indian soldiers captured a Chinese army officer believed to have been beaten during a clash at Lake Pangong. A damaged Chinese military vehicle also appeared in the video.

The South China Morning Post on June 1 quoted two sources from the Chinese military as confirming that the “injured Chinese officer” was an interpreter captured by the Indian army. The person was slightly injured and released after the Chinese side called for reinforcements.

Sources said soldiers on both sides turned to the battle on social networks to create positive public opinion before their “brave deeds”. At the same time, commanders and officials from both sides tried to find solutions to ease tensions in the border dispute.

A source pointed out that the photo showing the wounded Indian soldier was posted on a personal social media account by a Chinese soldier, not official channels.

“Beijing does not want Chinese people to think that Chinese soldiers have lost in the confrontation with India but do not want to escalate tensions,” the source added.

India has some disputes with China in the 3,500-km border area. Recently, a confrontation took place between hundreds of Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Ladakh border region (India), opposite Tibet (China). India has rejected US President Donald Trump’s offer to mediate disputes with China.


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