Skif is the latest nuclear missile in the Kremlin’s line of maritime strike weapons to develop against the West.

On April 30, 2020, the British Mirror newspaper published an exclusive newsletter saying that Russia has designed one of the most powerful weapons in the world with the nickname “Doomsday”. This is essentially a nuclear missile, arranged “to sleep” on the ocean floor and will be remotely triggered by Moscow in the event of a major conflict with the West.


Once activated, the deadly missile called Skif can launch at a speed of 96 km/h and a range of 9,656 km, causing an explosion that polluted a large sea and coast with Cobalt-60 synthetic radioisotope. This atomic weapon is so large that it has to be lowered to the bottom of the ocean with a specially designed ship and will cause devastating long-term damage. The “monster” is 25 meters long and weighs 100 tons. It can stay under the sea for many years at a depth of 3,000 feet (900 meters).

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In February 2020, many experts discovered a large object they believed to be an upgraded version of the Poseidon torpedo, but now they believe it to be Skif. Poseidon first appeared in 2015. This is a nuclear torpedo that can create tsunamis capable of submerging a coastal city.

Poseidon strategic torpedo

However, experts now believe that the weapon they discovered this year was actually Skif and was put on a secret Russian ship named Akademik Aleksandrov in sea trials. The ship was quietly transferred to the Russian Navy on April 12 at the port of Severomorsk, Murmansk. It was designed for a top secret unit No. 40056 (General Department of Deep Sea Research).

The Skif missile is loaded onto a dedicated Russian transport ship

As a “final strike”, the missile can strike on both sides of the Atlantic and once activated, it can destroy a large number of warships as well as pollute the sea for a long time. It is also the latest in a line of offensive weapons at sea that the Kremlin has invented to attack the West.

Paul Schulte, former director of armed control of the British Ministry of Defense, said, “Skif seems to be the apocalypse weapon for the final attack and symbolizes “Russia will never be defeated.” This is a powerful strategic challenge for the West.


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